Eileen O’Neill Burke is a lifelong Democrat, prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and judge running for Cook County State’s Attorney. She’s running because she loves Chicago and raised her kids here. As a prosecutor, she stood up for victims by going after those in the Catholic Church who covered up the abuse of children.

As State’s Attorney, Eileen will crack down on illegal guns, prosecute violent crime and ensure that our justice system is fair to all by providing alternative pathways other than prosecution for those struggling with drugs and mental health. Eileen will also form the first-ever Choice Protection Unit to protect women’s reproductive rights from threats and harassment. Eileen will be the change that Chicago needs.

On her campaign, Eileen has been endorsed by Democrats like Comptroller Susana Mendoza, Congressman Mike Quigley, Alderwoman Pat Dowell, Alderwoman Monique Scott, Rep. Margaret Croke, Sen. Sara Feigenholtz, the Chicago Tribune, the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce, and more than 13 labor unions across Chicago.

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Eileen’s opponent, Clayton Harris, is politics as usual. He’s a corporate anti-union lobbyist who led efforts to deny workers fair wages, worksite protections like bathroom breaks, and the fundamental right to form a union. As a corporate lobbyist, he directed tens of thousands of dollars to anti-choice Republicans including “the most anti-woman nominee to ever run for Illinois Governor.” He even personally contributed to anti-abortion Republican Ethan Hastert.

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Early voting is open now. Turnout is expected to be low and your vote could make the difference. Learn more about Eileen at www.justiceforcookcounty.com. Learn more about how to vote for Eileen below:

If you live in the City of Chicago:

If you live in Cook County: 


Eileen has a winning message, get the latest on our path to victory.
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